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Services We Provide

Servicing Municipal Utilities, Municipal Government, and Contract Construction.

RDM offers a wide variety of services to our clients. Whether we are servicing a Municipal Utilities, Municipal Government or Contract Construction, each situation is tailored to meet the specific needs of the clients.

We work closely with our clients one on one to understand their needs. Preventing problems, maximizing limited resources, and operating efficiently and effectively are objectives which must be reached by every institution, public or private, expecting to succeed in the 21st century.

While each engagement RDM enters is custom tailored, some of the areas in which RDM’s professional staff specializes include:

Municipal Utilities

Our view of municipal authority management is a multi-disciplined method that realizes the importance of an innovative, creative, approach to solving the problems faced by modern day utilities.

Municipal Government

Our robust understanding of communities will give you a full view of the socioeconomic and political landscapes for your municipal projects. RDM will help you navigate the limitations you face, while keeping your residents and tax payers accurately informed and involved. 

Contract Construction

Whether you require line replacement or repair, or major excavation, our contracted construction professionals are experienced in a variety of projects. 

Special Services Provided

  • Full Service Contract Operations/Management
  • Operational Analysis
  • Environmental Management
  • Service Consolidation
  • Water and Wastewater Operational Analysis
  • Cost of Service/Rate Analysis
  • Computerization and Records Management
  • Community and Government Engagement
  • Labor Management/Contract Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Economic Impact Analysis
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